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Soaring STI Rates amongst Baby Boomer Generation

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The three dreaded words ‘sexually transmitted infection’ are often no doubt associated with promiscuous, possible drunken teens or those in their early 20s, with a disregard for the sexual health of themselves or others.

However, there is another and perhaps surprising demographic that are contracting sexually transmitted infections (STIs), raising questions about what extra safe sex campaigns may need to be considered by the Government in order to fight a worrying trend.

The demographic in question are the ‘baby boomer’ generation; those born post World War 2 between the years 1946 and 1964 when there was a marked increase in birth rates.

The chief medical offer Dame Sally Davies believes the increase in STI rates amongst the older generation could be partly due to a rising number of divorces, casual sex, and many people thinking that condoms are just something for the young.

New figures show a shocking 38% rise in STI numbers in 50 to 70 year olds over the last three years. During 2014 (the latest reported data) there were 15,726 reported STIs in 2014, increasing from the 11,366 recorded infections in 2010.

Dame Sally has urged for more sex awareness campaigns to be aimed at the baby boomer generation as they would not have been taught at school.

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